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Portfolio Description

Client Requirements:

The client said he wants to use his own design and want to integrate it into the Opencart framework. I attached some design screenshots to the portfolio. The client provided a detailed document in which he mentions all the tasks which he wants. I am writing some tasks following:

  • Add, Edit, Delete products
  • Add, Edit, Delete categories
  • Add, Edit, Delete coupons
  • All eCommerce functionalities
  • Custom cart page
  • Custom checkout page

My Role:

I divided the whole product into 4 phases.

  1. Design Phase (Get all PSD files of design and make ready HTML and CSS code of the designs)
  2. Integrate into Opencart ( We integrate all the HTML and CSS code into opencart and make everything dynamic which admin can control from admin dashboard easily)
  3. FAQs/Testing (We tested every single feature and remove bugs, issues, etc)
  4. Deployment (We deliver the site to the client and gave him 24/7 support)

Portfolio Details

"Excellent experience. I would love to work with you again!"